Are candidates your passion?
Find dealing with clients hard work?

This is your opportunity to become a part of something truly global, providing you the opportunity to access genuine vacancies across multiple sectors in many countries, all without doing any sales or business development activity (because we manage all that)



Carter Wellington provides immediate access to a global business identity with real clients and genuine vacancies for you to find the right candidates to fill. What would often take months (even years) to achieve can be yours instantly, allowing you to leverage your candidate access with our systems and brand. Put simply, we make setting up your freelance career as fast and streamlined as possible.


Whether you are a recruiter looking to earn extra income in your own time or considering something more permanent, Carter Wellington provides more opportunity for you to create successful outcomes, and most importantly, generate income.

Our platform grants complete autonomy to any number of independent freelance recruiters.

Working with Carter Wellington


Carter Wellington provides all of the front end "engine" you'll need to make successful placements.

  1. Our corporate recruitment website with full job search functionality
  2. Business Development across mulitple verticals and regions
  3. Client engagement, management and negotiation of terms
  4. Easily searchable vacancy assignments (job orders)
  5. Job board advertising
  6. Comprehensive Applicant Tracking Systems
  7. Marketing and Social media footprint
  8. International compliance services
  9. Candidate relocation support and assistance
  10. Back office support

As our partner, you need only provide the candidates.


Unlike some other freelancing options out there, we do not invite our recruiters into a bidding war. When a candidate you have forwarded is placed in a role, you will receive a fully transparent, guaranteed fee.


We pride ourselves on offering our clients local knowledge and expertise supported by our global recruitment resources.

Your role will be to become an integral part of our global recruitment resources by identifying and submitting ethically sourced candidates for our many roles. You may already have access to a large pool of candidates wanting you to find them their perfect job, or you may possess the dedication to create and apply an effective strategy to source new candidates seeking opportunities that match what we have to offer.

You will be a self-starter, crave autonomy and thrive on working independently, while at the same time benefit from our comprehensive support infrastructure. As our platform is cloud-based, your location is unimportant.

What is important is that you will:


As our Recruitment partner, you need only search for, and submit, candidates that are suitable for our roles. Our Business Development Partners find, and manage the clients (and their expectations). When your candidate is placed successfully, you receive a guaranteed reward based on a percentage of fees generated.

It's simple, transparent and a great way to earn what you deserve.

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"The staffing industry in the US is real competitive where quality and speed are the most important factors. Having a partner that sources genuine roles hiring right now is a great tool to add to your staffing resources. Carter Wellington delivers a great range of roles across the US so I can look after my consultants and not have to constantly chase clients.

Chad Willis | Recruitment Partner | United States

"Talent made the world and time has revolutionised how individuals are selected and matched to make a perfect working synergy and a positive impact on all walks of life transitioning humanity to a better tomorrow. 

Carter Wellington is a fantastic concept that has changed the the way recruitment works. Independent partners - each with their own methods of finding the best and the brightest talent and match them to their dream jobs where they can make a difference. For recruitment partners, there is not only the satisfaction of doing what one loves but also the financial reward is limitless. 

I feel truly blessed to have found Carter Wellington where I enjoy working everyday!"

Aman Mama | Recruitment Partner | Ethiopia

"After many years in the recruitment industry in different countries, working with Carter Wellington has been a revelation. I have total flexibility over when and where I work, and can work on the assignments I want. The only targets I have are the ones I set myself, and the efforts I make are well rewarded. 

Michael Lane | Recruitment Partner | United Kingdom

"The exposure, learning and scope of work is unmatched by any other Recruitment Agency in the market. I look forward to being a part of the Carter Wellington team for a long tenure thus achieving common and mutual goals by serving our valued clients and candidates with the same fervour. 

Asher Louis | Recruitment Partner | India

Call us now at +44 (0)20 3286 6742. We look forward to sharing the Carter Wellington opportunity with you today.

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