A recruiter need only place one or two candidates a month through Carter Wellington to generate an additional £3000-£10,000 income, all without doing any sales or business development activity



Partner with Carter Wellington and you immediately have access to a global business identity with real clients and genuine vacancies. What would often take months (even years) to achieve can be yours instantly, allowing you to leverage your knowledge with our systems and brand. We make setting up your freelance career as streamlined as possible.


Whether you are a recruiter looking to earn extra income in your own time or considering something more permanent, Carter Wellington provides more opportunity for you to create successful outcomes, and most importantly, generate income.

Our platform grants complete autonomy to any number of independent freelance recruiters.

Working with Carter Wellington


Carter Wellington provides all of the front end "engine" you'll need to make successful placements.

  1. Our corporate recruitment website with full job search functionality
  2. Business Development
  3. Client engagement, management and negotiation of terms
  4. Obtain all vacancy assignments
  5. Job board advertising
  6. Comprehensive Applicant Tracking Systems
  7. Marketing
  8. Social media footprint
  9. Back office support

As our partner, you need only supply the candidates, and when they are placed successfully, you receive a guaranteed fee.


Unlike some other options out there, we do not invite our recruiters into a bidding war. When a candidate you have forwarded is placed, you will receive a fully transparent, guaranteed fee.


Any candidates you put forward remain in our system and record you as the "owner". If the candidate is placed through our AI matching in the future, then the full introduction fee remains payable to the partner (that's you) for the following 12 months.

Call us now at +44 (0)20 3286 6742. We look forward to sharing the Carter Wellington opportunity with you today.

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